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          Contact Us
          Tel:0086 0738-8631888
          Tel:0086 0738-8631222
          Fax:0086 0738-8631333
          Address:No.20 Hongguan St,Economical&Technological zone, Loudi City,Hunan Province,China
          Post code:417000
          Corporate Culture

          First-class corporate culture can bring vitality to the enterprise, and it is the soul of the enterprise. Zhuorui Chemical attaches great importance to corporate culture construction, deliver the essence of enterprise culture to every employee, so as to create a highly cohesive and loyalty staff team, It is the dedication and creation of every employee in Zhuorui Chemial family that providing inexhaustible power for sustainable development of enterprises.

          Target: To be a flagship enterprise in the automotive consumables industry and an international brand that Chinese people to be proud of.

          Philosophy: Customer oriented and establishing market management philosophy based on technology, brand, channel and service

          Harmonious idea: Based on people-oriented, upholding management concepts that ensure eight participants including users, agents, employees, companies, shareholders, suppliers, peers and society to enjoy harmonious development

          Spirit: Responsibility, honor, passion, innovation and pragmatism